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Social Media


Social Media is it that important ?

Social media has transformed the way that the entertainment industry interacts and promotes its services in Sydney and globally. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Google can connect artists, venues, recording companies, publishers and related businesses with large markets. They provide low cost marketing opportunities for all sectors of the industry to reach worldwide audiences. At Out Entertainment Agency, we provide specialist social media management and development for our clients to maximise their promotional opportunities.

Whether its Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat we are at the fore front of Social Media Marketing in Sydney.

Expert Social Media Management

Expertise in social media management allows businesses of all sizes to target the right market for their purposes. Reach specific groups and niche markets inexpensively and cost-effectively. Enjoy one-on-one communication with individuals within your fan base or regular clientele. Social media is essentially about community, as it provides channels of communication within interest groups and particular audience demographics. Building community networks is what these platforms do well. You can bypass the traditional media channels and there is no longer a complete reliance on these for publicity. Are you making optimal use of your social media opportunities?


Boost Your Profile in Sydney

If not, we can help, we have established follower networks and influencers ready to boost your profile in the Sydney and global marketplace. Instagram boasts some 400 million users and has been described as the “Music Industry’s Secret Weapon”. Social media provides a direct feed to those who are plugged in and interested. Instagram’s users are 30% more into music than the general population, according to research conducted by Instagram recently. Instagram is the social media platform of choice for those in the entertainment industry. Would you classify yourself as highly proficient in the use of Instagram?

Promoting Those in the Entertainment Business

Out Entertainment Agency can help, if you are starting out or wanting to increase your exposure via platforms like Instagram. Making use of this creative space to promote those in the entertainment business is what we specialise in. Expertise in the employment of these exciting tools for promotion and publicity in the digital realm is what we do well for our clients. Becoming aware of your personal or business brand is another essential element in 21C promotion and PR. ‘Controlling the narrative’ is how many social media experts describe the power of platforms like Instagram.

We can assist clients with strategies to increase sales and audience engagement across the board. Your Instagram account can be your doorway to greater prominence. We are happy to help, and ready to assist right now.Facebook advertising has joined Google AdWords in delivering targeted marketing opportunities to those in the entertainment business. Two billion users visit Facebook every month, according to the social media giant. Advertising rates are affordable, and you can set your own budget with both these forms of digital advertising.

We can assist clients with video production and social media development across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snap Chat.If you are not utilising these innovative and highly effective ways of marketing your venue, act, or business, Out Entertainment Agency can provide expertise in Sydney.

Talk to one of our social media consultants today about your specific requirements or to find out more about what we do, social media is ever evolving. Lucky for you we have the tools to track this.


Is social media really that important ?

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