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Dry ice machine hire


Out Entertainment takes pride in providing a first class service to areas related to the entertainment industry. One of our newest services is our Dry Ice Machine Hire which can be used for a number of events including birthdays, weddings, corporate functions, engagements and school formals. This machine releases a consistent, thick no toxic fog that creates the effect of dancing and floating on a cloud across the entire dance-floor. This cloud will stay low to the ground and eventually evaporate, leaving no residue or smell. The great thing about our Dry ice machine hire is that it wont trigger any smoke alarms or detectors like other smoke and fog machines.

We hire out the Nimbus which is the top of the line professional dry ice machine by Chauvet. This machine is the leader in the market when it comes to Dry ice machine hire. This professional machine heats extremely quickly to its optimal operating temperature and can be easily controlled, thanks to its adjustable multi-level control arm.

This simple machine makes a huge impact for any event and the moments it creates will never be forgotten.


The question that we always come across is what is the main difference between a Dry ice machine and a smoke machine ? There are a tonne of different options available within the entertainment industry to create atmospheric effects, however there is a significant difference between a dry ice machine and a smoke machine.

A smoke machine is generally a cheaper option that only works in certain areas, the amount of smoke that it creates normally will set of smoke alarms and detectors so we advice if you are going to use one of these machines make sure you have the fire brigade on call. A smoke machine will take longer to fill the room and also isn’t that good for you when it comes to breathing it in. Smoke machines are good for small 10-20 second bursts and don’t in our opinion have a wow factor.

The Dry ice machine as it states in the title is actually ice mixed with hot water. It creates a very thick cloud like effect that is not harmful in anyway, shape or form. If  you want something that will not only last longer on the floor but also wow your guests then the dry ice machine hire is the way to go. The dry ice machine creates a cold cloud that makes a long lasting effect for any special event, first dance or function.

For us there is no comparison, if you want something that will create that “wow” factor then the Dry ice machine is the way to go, we understand that you may need to weigh up the costs of each but if you want that effect that people will remember then the Dry ice machine is the one for you.