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Venue Consultancy – Is it really for us ?

Is it time for something new? We can assist you in sourcing the right sounds for your venue. Our venue consultancy service can help with the reinvention process to get your place back on track. Rediscover the right music direction and plug into the talent that your venue deserves. Get the benefit of our specialist industry knowledge and contacts to move forward. Out Entertainment Agency provides the best vibe in Sydney for all sorts of venues and operations. Whether you are starting out or pressing refresh, we have access to a network of industry professionals and top-quality acts and DJs.

We are Sydney’s leading Venue Consultancy firm.

Our Roster of World Class DJs & Entertainers

The world is your oyster, with our roster of world class club DJs and live entertainment acts. Take advantage of our holistic venue auditing, where we examine the big picture, to give you the low down on what is and isn’t working at your place. A successful venue is more than the frontline entertainment, it is the ambience, the sound system, the lighting, security, staffing, the demographics of your current audience, what is hot in Sydney, and what works where. Do all these things gel in your joint? At Out Entertainment Agency, we analyse all the elements and crunch the numbers to find the magic formula.



If You Get It Right, They Will Come?

Successful venues and their varied ingredients, sometimes, seem like secret recipes, which, often, allude many managers and owners. Bringing in some expertise can shine a light on the reasons why your venue is just not firing. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting a different outcome. Is it time for something new? Something with a fresh view and from a process designed to deliver great outcomes. We can help you reinvent your club or venue. If you build it right, they will come. If you get it right, they will come.

Dedicated Venue Consultancy in Sydney

We invite you to pick our brains and share in 15 years of our achievements in the Sydney scene. If your place is in need of a recharge or rejuvenation, Out Entertainment Agency is your dedicated venue consultancy service in Sydney. Out and about is our mantra; so, let us assist you to make it worthwhile for the punters with some serious talent and a coordinated venue plan. Sometimes you need to think outside of the box, lucky for you we are experts at this and are ready to help you today, so why wait!!!

Having your finger on the pulse in the Sydney club and live scene is what we offer to our clients. Every venue needs to reinvent itself every few years in this city, if you want to keep the interest of the market. Intergenerational change is speeding up with the rapid technological shifts constantly rocking our worlds. Social media platforms are spreading the new like wildfire and the word gets out about what’s hot and what’s not. Images of venues and headline acts are rapid fire on digital media.

If your place could do with some expert guidance and redirection, Out Entertainment Agency are your number one venue consultants in Sydney. Let us help you find your mojo and reap the rewards. We love entertainment and the club scene, almost as much as you do. Our holistic venue auditing service may well be the right solution for you. We invite you to sit down with us and discuss the situation. If you are looking for options, we have an array of live entertainment and DJ possibilities for you to consider. Contact us now to find out more.


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