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over 10 years
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About us

Out Entertainment Agency was started in South Sydney in early 2012. The reason for us taking the plunge into this exciting and unique world of live entertainment and music, was, quite simply, a desire to do it better. We recognised a need in this market for an organisation, which could bring the many components of this business together to produce better events. We wanted to gather artists and help them find showcases for their talents. We could see a plethora of venues failing to find audiences and viable entertainment options. It has not always been easy or a pleasant ride, but it continues to be a rewarding challenge for our passion and invested energy. We have grown over the years to extend our reach and skillsets across the industry. We bring a family like orientation to how we go about our business. Our roster of experienced and professional DJs are all highly skilled members of our dedicated team. We work with them and our clients to ensure that every event and function that we are involved in achieves the outcomes envisaged by all parties.

The Out Entertainment Journey

Owner and founder, Kristiano Carroll, has embarked on this entrepreneurial journey with few misgivings; and is now a 15-year industry veteran. Kristiano says, “I am passionate about music, passionate about live events, and this is what I do for a living.” We have gathered together an impressive team of skilled professionals and brought them together under the Out Entertainment banner. The many successful live events we organised and produced, all around Sydney, have been like stepping stones on the Out Entertainment journey.

A Team of Professionals

At Out Entertainment, we have developed some pretty useful skills, re-marketing and branding for venues and artists. We have helped nightclubs, pubs, bars, restaurants, cafes, corporate events and functions find their identity in a sometimes-crowded market. It is a new world brimming with social media platforms, online marketing opportunities and a rapidly changing media landscape. Our skills and services have been designed to make putting on an event or corporate function much easier for the uninitiated. We have a host of talented DJs and entertainers on our books available for hire for weddings, clubs, venues, parties and corporate events. We have a huge range of audiovisual equipment for hire, plus, staging, lighting, and special effects. Our venue consultancy service can help these places find their audience through our industry experience, contacts and skillsets.

Our Philosophy

Music is something that we all share as human beings, some say it is the highest flourishing of humanity. Getting the music and the sound right is, in our view, pretty important in the greater scheme of things. Whether it be for your wedding or corporate function, we offer professional peace of mind, when it matters most. A bad DJ and terrible sound can wreck an event or function. We have seen our fair share of travesties and second-rate shows, which is why we got into this business in the first place. It doesn’t take much more effort to do a really good job but you do need to know what you are doing.

A Comprehensive Entertainment Service in Sydney

At Out Entertainment, we offer a comprehensive DJ and entertainment hire service in Sydney. Our services include: A/V hire, photography, videography, graphic design and printing, social media management, promotion and branding, live entertainment solutions, wedding entertainment, dry ice machine hire, firework displays and much more. Contact us now to discuss your upcoming special event or to find out more about the many things we do. Get a quote on some live entertainment.

At Out Entertainment, we offer a comprehensive DJ and entertainment hire service in Sydney. Our services include: Venue Consultancy, DJ Hire Sydney, Social Media Marketing, Live Entertainment, Event Photography, Graphic Design & Sydney AV Hire and much more.

Contact us now to discuss your upcoming special event or to find out more about the many things we do.



Out Entertainment are the go-to group for the freshest acts delivered with precision execution & fine-tuned to meet the needs of our club and its patrons. Look no further, you have found the best

Grace Pearson

Always a pleasure working with Out Entertainment, Kristano’s service and attitude is something that makes him a pleasure to work with

Louis Evans

I wouldn’t recommend anyone else in the industry, Kristiano is a one stop entertainment shop.

David Jonson