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Club DJ Hire


Club DJ Hire – The In’s & Out’s 

With more than 15 years’ experience and, currently, supplying Club DJs every week to many of the best hotels and nightclubs in Sydney, we are ideally placed to assist your organisation in choosing the right DJ for your venue.  Out Entertainment Agency is one of this town’s leading recruiters of club DJs and live entertainment. We can place talent in the right slot to make things happen for you. Talk to one of our consultants today about your particular requirements.

Out Entertainment can provide experienced DJs, who know how to read the crowd and get that dance floor working. Our roster of club DJs are equipped with the best gear and provide professional performances night after night. If you are looking for a DJ with the right mixes for your place, we can help with the selection process. Getting the energy moving by playing the right upbeat track at the right time and conducting the groove is what they are paid for. Spend some time with us and we will guide you toward the club DJ or DJs who will steer the ship in the right direction.

Working the crowd and that sea of dancers is all about experience, professionalism and talent. Bringing them up and easing them down. Working them into a frenzy and, then, cooling them off, so, that they can grab a drink at the bar. These are all part of the club DJ’s repertoire, to ensure that your venue is hitting its stride. Hip Hop, House, Techno, Trap, whatever style you want, we can assist with your search for serious talent in Sydney. Let us introduce you to our roster of artists and match the beat to your satisfaction. Contact us now to make an appointment or to find out more.