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Out Entertainment in conjunction with Celebrate Entertainment are your wedding hire solution providers in Sydney. We are your one stop shop for everything you will need for a successful wedding, but please BYO bride and groom. We are the premium wedding DJ hire company in this city. In addition, we bring everything your entertainers may require, like audiovisual equipment, staging set up hire and technicians. We have photobooths for hire, dry ice machines, wedding chair hire, professional wedding photographers and videographers available, we do all your wedding invitation design and printing, and have a range of features that will make your special day even more special.

Celebrate Entertainment is Sydney’s leading Wedding Hire Solution Company!

Wedding DJ Hire

One Solution to All Your Requirements

The advantages of having one company to deal with, when organising and putting on the most important event in your life, is that you are not running around talking to a dozen different people. You are not, always, trying to remember who is doing what. There is a holistic perspective on the event, which allows you to adjust things as you see fit, without having to call multiple parties. Weddings can be overwhelming for the family members involved in the planning and production. The more organisational matters that can be simplified and reduced makes for a smoother and more successful process and outcome. Celebrate Entertainment has been designed for this very purpose


The Most Important Media Moments of Their Lives

We can assist you with your wedding planning and vision. It is the greatest day in most peoples’ lives. It is the culmination of a love affair and the beginning of something, even, more substantial, like a family. Walking down the aisle is a ritual, which can involve art direction by wedding planners. The wedding photos and videography are the most important media moments of the bridal party’s lives. Getting it right is paramount to the happy memories going forward of this momentous day. Celebrate Entertainment will ensure that these productions are carried off with aplomb and technically perfect.

Celebrate Your Wedding Planning & Production

Attention to detail is our strongest suit and creating a magical event is what we do time and time again. Each wedding is unique, of course, no two special events are the same. What we guarantee, however, is that our commitment to quality and high standards never waivers. From our Giant Wedding Lettering to our Wedding Invitation Design and Production service, we ensure that every detail is covered and achieved. Our wedding planning and production solutions are full of imagination and capture the vision of our clients

We ensure that you can celebrate the special day of your daughter or son, confident that everything has gone into the successful design and planning of this day.We cater for all sorts of weddings, the big and small, and for first timers to repeat offenders. Celebrate Entertainment and Out Entertainment bring together a concerted expertise in providing Wedding DJs, AV equipment hire, and a comprehensive planning and production service. You will feel supported across all the necessary elements that are required for a successful wedding.

Wedding DJ Hire

We are adaptable and flexible because we know that every wedding requires different settings. Your wedding will be uniquely yours and we will provide an impeccable service all through the planning and production from pre to post.

We listen to what you want, and we devise the best possible way to achieve your vision. We invite you to contact us to discuss your specific requirements or to find out more about our many services.

Wedding DJ Hire


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