Fast Paced Trends Confirmed In DJ Technology

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Fast Paced Trends Confirmed In DJ Technology

Out Entertainment Australia Pty Ltd confirmed in an interview with Eleven Media that the trend to higher level sophistication in DJ technology was accelerating.

Out Entertainment is a leading Sydney DJ Hire company and has confirmed that advancements in industry equipment is becoming extremely fast paced. By way of example, they cite the significant advancement in the Denon DJ’s big release in 2017.  Their new SC5000 model had the ability to play two decks simultaneously from one unit. With this, they have found a way to install more powerful computers inside of a CDJ-like case. This now avoids the need to buy multiple units to achieve the use of two decks that need more channels on the mixer.

This is a significant achievement, as other equipment producers have only one single deck per unit and will be working hard to catch up on this industry advancement.

Another technology change is the shift for DJ’s to be a video jockey coordinating music videos for songs. Video is possible if playing tracks that were in the Top 40 from the last 30 years. Tracks outside this are seeing DJs creating their own on-the-fly visuals that go with their DJ sets.

Mr Kristiano Carroll, director of Out Entertainment said, “We have been surprised by the recent technology developments in the DJ industry.  We have a reputation of keeping at the cutting edge for equipment we hire. For this reason we watch closely what advancements are made by technology providers so we can upgrade our offering quickly as we see appropriate.”



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