Event Photography & Videography

The entertainment business is, essentially, a visual affair. It is in large part about image, especially in the promotion of the various strands of the industry. People go out to see exciting acts and to witness something special. Capturing images of life changing moments, recording rituals which enrich our lives, photographing passion and performances of incomparable beauty, these are the things that we can facilitate for our clients. Out Entertainment Agency offers an event photography and videography service second to none in Sydney. Our photographers and videographers subscribe to an ideology based around brilliance, enshrining the heat of the nightlife, and the faces and forms of those who make music and art. The art of the camera is the lingua franca of the digital age. Social media would not exist without pictures and would not enthral the masses in the way that it does without them.

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A Picture Tells a Thousand Stories

Out Entertainment Agency can assist clients with their portfolio development of bankable images for marketing and promotion purposes. Talent on stage is not enough, if nobody captures it for posterity and promotional opportunities. A picture tells a thousand stories, according to the age-old adage. Our expert camera and video technicians can ensure that your images tell the right story and tell it well. Utilising state of the art equipment and upholding industry best practice standards, our photographers can deliver the clip, picture, or portfolio that you are looking for.




We Deliver Outstanding Visual Product for Our Clients!

Weddings are first, and foremost proscribed rituals recorded for posterity. The photo shoot takes pride of place above all else on the wedding day. The video and photo album of that special day will live for many years and decades to come in the hearts and minds of the married couple and their families. This event is etched into the consciousness of bride and groom. The beautiful smile shared on her special day. The kiss that seals the deal for, hopefully, ever more. The love in the room. The wedding cake atop the banquet table. Event photography and videography by Out Entertainment Agency is built on the foundations of this understanding. We deliver outstanding visual product for all of our clients.

Corporate Photography & Video Production

Corporate photography and video production is our metier. Making an impact in audiovisual terms is more important in the corporate world than ever. Production values and market expectations have never been higher, we all see and hear brilliant stuff across multiple platforms every day of our lives. Corporate branding is dependent upon consistently high quality visual content. There are no excuses for mediocrity and poor-quality stuff.

Event Photography Sydney

At Out Entertainment agency we offer genuine talent, innovation, and incredible technology for the creation of brilliant media. Food photography is a fast-growing field, as we indulge our love affair with, decidedly, delicious culinary creations. Whether it is our obsession with celebrity TV chefs, cooking shows, and My Kitchen Rules reality television.we have all become armchair food critics. A dish must not only taste good, it must look like a sensual masterpiece to boot

Event Photography Sydney

Our expert food photographers can capture any and many artistic elements of food on plate, to make mouth-watering pictures for your eatery or club. The public want to see your menu/venue or event in stylish technicolour on social media pages for their viewing pleasure. We offer a range of basis packages that are not only affordable but they provide our clients with the photos they need to take it to the next level, and don’t worry our photos have impact!!

Event Photography Sydney


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