At Out Entertainment, we are able to provide our clients with a range of exceptional artists to choose from. Our professional DJs and entertainers offer a diverse and versatile selection of musical styles and genres. One thing, however, they all share is the commitment and passion of their craft. We do not have any dilettantes or dabblers on our books, we only have the real deals for your next party or event. The sound and music at your special occasion is a vital component within the whole, we understand and respect that. Our business is based on catering for that demand and we only stay in business by meeting and exceeding those requirements. It is a simple equation and we endeavour to get it right every time.

Soundly Equipped to Entertain

As an entertainment agency, we have a dedication and expertise, to and in, the technological requirements of the digital age. Our DJs and entertainers are well-equipped to handle the sonic requirements of any space or venue. At Out Entertainment, we can provide our clients with all the audiovisual, staging, lighting and special effects, that they may require for their event or function. We are constantly updating and upgrading hardware and software to ensure that you will have state of the art sound at your next show.





















A Myriad of Musical Styles & Genres

Most of our DJs and entertainers go by a single moniker, but we offer a myriad of musical styles and genres for your next gig or function. Techno, Hip Hop, House, Retro, Top 40, R & B, Ambient, Electronica, Dubstep, Drum ‘n Bass, and more, are all available via our team of talented disc spinners and mix masters. Music can shape the feel and flavour of your function or celebration. Choosing the right DJ for your party, wedding, or corporate event is essential to its success. Whether your guests are simply sitting and toe tapping or breaking unlikely dance moves across a crowded floor, the sounds you serve up at your next party are pretty important to its ultimate reputation. We can take the risk out of the situation and replace it with the sure hands of a seasoned professional. Call now for a consultation and detailed quote.


At Out Entertainment, we know all those jokes about drummers and still we send out sensational percussionists to gigs every week. Our agency provides a bevy of talented stickmen and women to keep the beat in clubs and venues right around Sydney. In addition, we have live bands, duos, soloists and more to keep your people entertained. Our door is always open for talented artists to join our entertainment family. We place passionate musicians on stages at shows and parties every night of the week.


One may be the loneliest number but audiences love the moody intensity of the talented soloist. Perhaps, acoustic guitar chords are in our DNA and we secretly thrill to the stories these troubadours tell our souls of loves lost and found. Whatever it might be, at Out Entertainment, we have some of the best solo acts performing in Sydney on our books. Whether for your restaurant, wine bar, or party, we can fill the bill with some sublime sounds to soothe the savage and the lonely. If you want to see some of our artists perform live, contact one of our friendly staff members today. We would be more than happy to send you individual links to some of their performances.

Live Acoustic Hire
Live Acoustic Hire
Live Acoustic Hire


Simon and Garfunkel have a lot to answer for. The quintessential duo may combine and contrast musical natures, genders and persuasions in a variety of forms. At Out Entertainment, we have an exciting selection of talented duos on our entertainment roster, ready and waiting to woo you and your audience. Contact us now to find out more or to make an appointment.

Live Acoustic Hire
Live Acoustic Hire


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